My Professor Forced Me

She’s a sexy student who can’t afford to fail, and he’s the studly professor who knows she really belongs on her knees like a good girl…


He’ll ruin my life…unless I can seduce him.

The lusciously beautiful Jeanine is the model of a young citizen woman. She does everything right—she studies hard for tests, never lets guys get past first base, and is determined to prove that women are just as good as men. But the studly Professor Roch doesn’t see it that way—he knows women are beneath men, and especially beneath him. His attitude would be frustrating enough, but he’s got a body that makes Jeanine’s panties melt with desire. He oozes raw, brutal sexuality that makes her legs ache to slide open so he can knock her up for the rest of her life. Girls almost never pass his class, and if they do, it’s never with a good grade. During a heated one-on-one with her bastard professor, it becomes clear that the only way Jeanine will keep her straight-A scholarship is by serving Roch every way that he wants—erotically, on her knees, with a head and throat stuffed full of his throbbing meat. And that’s only where it begins. Because Roch takes “model citizen women” and turns them into his good girls. Soon, Jeanine will only be good for serving, sucking, and delighting Roch, providing him with heirs from his unprotected seed into her fertile virgin body…whether she likes it or not.

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