My Quarterback Forced Me

She’s a teenage virgin knockout gooning for the jock bully of her dreams, and he wants to take advantage…


I can’t stand how much I want this bastard…

I’ve crushed hard on Pace since I first saw him. Tall, vicious, built like an Adonis, and so hot he makes my panties melt—he’s the definition of bad news. Even though I’m practically his stalker, I’ve been careful to stay away. Until tonight. He caught me accidentally running over his prize motorcycle. And he wants to be paid back through the twisted, depraved use of my fertile body. My desires are so dark that I’ve never shared them with anyone—and that means I’ve never known the touch of a man before. But, Pace doesn’t care. And he doesn’t care if I want it or not. He knows what women really want—knows what makes me so wet I have to moan with lust. He wants me filled, and he wants to put his heirs inside me. It’s easy for a stud like him. Because all Pace really cares about is owning me for his pleasure and making me another trophy…until I prove that I can please him better than any other woman he’s had. Disclaimer: This book features some trigger points for certain readers, including dubious consent. The alpha quarterback doesn’t know how to turn off his lust, and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

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