My Rock Star Forced Me

She’s a coed smokeshow hard-crushing on a bastard rock star, and he’s going to take her down a peg…


He is such an arrogant bastard…and I want him so bad…

Kayla is a hot-bodied college babe who has to interview wildly rich rock star Carson Poole, who is as arrogant as he is gorgeous. When she loses her cool over one of Poole’s sexist remarks, he reveals that can end her college career in a heartbeat, and leave her career hamstrung before it’s even started. But Poole is, in his words, “a generous man.” He’s willing to forget Kayla’s blow up if she’s willing to do a different kind of “blowing.” Kayla has a boyfriend, but he’s always been a weak-willed wimp—nothing like the marble-bodied rock god propositioning her now. With her life in jeopardy, Kayla has no choice, and she’s forced to submit to every erotic, nasty desire the rock star has. But her antagonistic heat toward Poole is based in a different kind of heat altogether—she’s really turned on by what a masculine, misogynistic male supremacist he is. And when Poole starts to let her taste what his mammoth member can offer, she can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have her fertile body filled with his virile product, pumping her tight entrance full of his heir-making seed…no matter what her loser wimp boyfriend at home might have to say about it.

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