Succubus Harem – The Innocent

An eternal beauty begs him to enslave and impregnate his OTHER co-worker so she can give him even more power.


“I can’t want you this bad…you’re too evil to love.”

Gabrielle, the impossibly hot immortal succubus, has made Robert irresistible to mortal women. This means the landlord’s sexy daughter Nadine is now obsessed with Robert and wants him to fill her tight fertile first-time body full of his virile seed. He wouldn’t mind, except that he knows that Gabrielle’s sexual magic has corrupted Nadine to the core.

The wicked-minded Gabrielle wants Robert to help her summon her entire coven of succubi to be his personal erotic harem, and they want him to use their evil erotic powers to bend the world to his will. Robert resists this dark power to be as good of a man as he can be, but without the power of the other coven members, Nadine will be consumed entirely by her magically-powered sexual obsession with Robert’s manhood. With Nadine’s life on the line, and hot women begging him to take more power, will Robert be able to resist?

WARNING: This raunchy tale features supernatural harem-building and wicked-minded succubi happy to drain others so long as it serves their new Owner.

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