Succubus Harem – The Witch

An eternal beauty begs him to enslave and impregnate his co-worker so she can give him even more power.


“You want to serve me…eternally?”

Robert’s restaurant job has him exhausted and overworked, not to mention overstimulated by the gorgeous, scantily-clad women who work with him and seem dead-set on teasing him to death. Using their good looks and hot outfits, they always manage to convince him to do more work for them. But when he meets a new patron late one night, everything changes. She’s gorgeous and she wants to serve him; she’s fertile and she wants him unprotected; she’s in love with him and swears she’s a magic succubus who will obey his every command. And for some reason, she looks exactly like the hot chef who has denied Robert for so long…

WARNING: This raunchy tale features supernatural harem-building and wicked-minded succubi happy to drain others so long as it serves their new Owner.

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