Succubus Harem – The Queen

TWO eternal beauties beg him to enslave and impregnate the LAST co-worker so he can become omnipotent…


“Don’t You deserve a harem of strong, eternal beauties obeying your every evil wish, Sir?”

Robert is resolute in keeping himself a moral man, but his new succubus girlfriends have made him irresistible to mortal women—including the gorgeous first-time neighbor, Nadine, who couldn’t keep herself from worshiping his massively-endowed member. But the succubi have a plan—they want Robert to embrace the darkness and bring every woman alive to their knees in tandem worship with them. They’re desperate to be his fertile, erotic servants, and for him to breed all the beautiful women he could ever encounter.

Robert would refuse, but unless he takes their reality-warping erotic power, then Nadine’s life is over. To sweeten the pot, the third and final succubus will serve him with her two coven-harem members…and she’s the most gorgeous one of them all…

WARNING: This raunchy tale features supernatural harem-building and wicked-minded succubi happy to drain others so long as it serves their new Owner.

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