Tranced – His Unfaithful Wife

His hot wife tries to take control, and he shows her the proper place for a woman–in his harem, on her knees.


If he used the watch, she wouldn’t care that he had no protection…
Aspiring stage magician Warren always wanted a baby. His gorgeous wife, Melinda, never did—a vain creature, she thought it would ruin her preciously lovely figure. Then, Warren found a magic watch; its power completely controlled the minds of the hot women in Warren’s life. They lived to serve his will, squirmed with wet bliss at his every command, and begged for more when he knocked up their fertile bodies. Even the hot Joan, who Warren has known his whole life, wasn’t able to resist. But then, for her own gold-digging purposes, the crafty Melinda stole the watch. Warren needs the watch. His life’s work is an upcoming show—a show that he was going to make a rousing success through the power of the watch. With his dream on the line, he knows he must retrieve the watch conquer his wife’s will. Even with other servants adoring his masculine member, Warren won’t be able to rest until Melinda is a docile, servile, and eagerly fertile pet. Her influence on him has always been insidious, but if he gets the watch back, she’ll have to do everything he says…including giving him the heir he’s always wanted.

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