Tranced – His Snobby Household

Even his gorgeous sister isn’t immune to his new magic hypnosis, and she becomes a member of his growing harem too…


“You should own my whole life, Sir…”
It was all going so well for Warren. With the magic watch in his possession, he completely entranced his lovely assistants and turned them into utterly servile, eagerly obedient sexual creatures absolutely devoted to his will. And now he needs to do the same thing to Joan, the brilliantly beautiful lesbian feminist he’s known his entire life. She’s always despised Warren despite how much he loves her—and she and her buxom, blond lover Edith would never, ever let a man inside their clearly fertile bodies. They don’t know, though, how the magic watch has a way of changing a person’s mind! But, just as his conquest of Joan is nearly complete, a crafty soul steals the watch from Warren. Before Warren can get the watch back, he has to ensure that Joan knows her proper place—on her knees before him. Warren must find out if the small trance he layered in Joan’s mind is enough to convince her that this man she used to hate is actually someone she adores. Not only that, but he wants to make sure she never leaves him again—by leaving an heir in her belly, tying their fates together forever!

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