Virtual Meeting – Office Hierarchy

A harem of beauties await him when he gets back from vacation, ready to give him the babies his wife can’t.


“The helmet turned us into your property, Sir…”

Hank returns from a vacation with his frigid wife—where they once again were unsuccessful in making him an heir—to an office that now completely revolves around him. Three gorgeous, hyper-fertile babes seem to control the minds of every employee in the company, but they do it all for their boss, Hank—much to his surprise. They’ve even brought in a young model to “interview” on his first day back, a process which means using a special VR helmet to control her mind and transform her body until she’s nothing but a Hank-obsessed sexpot right before his very eyes! Can he resist the sexual advances of these fit, hot babes who seem to want to serve him in every erotic way, or will he discover the secret behind the mysterious helmet that seems to be changing their bodies and minds and set things right?

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