Virtual Meeting – Taboo Ownership

Her online boyfriend doesn’t care if he breaks her mind, all he wants is access to her crazy-hot sister…


No lockdowns for lust…

Lonely, homely Willow is perpetually overshadowed by her beautiful, arrogant sister Aspen. When she meets Duncan online—a dominant who seems to love Willow for her writing talents and extraordinary erotic sensibilities alone—she couldn’t be happier. No chance of the hyper-gorgeous, mouthwatering body and sneering, vain attitude of Aspen ruining that!
But, when Duncan invites Willow to take their relationship to the next level—using a special VR headset to “bond” with her subservient side—it all becomes terribly twisted. Her real-life body transforms according to his will. She becomes a knockout sexpot complete with overflowing cups and hyper-fertile hips. She can’t stop herself obeying him, even when his commands become humiliating and de-humanizing. And as his interest in Aspen grows, Willow knows she’s due for one final humiliation…to admit that she was never worthy of his Alpha Male greatness to begin with, and that she belongs as property to her superiors.

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