Virtual Meeting – Owning His Hot Date

The new virtual dating program he buys creates real results when a mind-controlled slave arrives at his door!


No lockdowns for lust; no shutdowns for sex.
Isolated and alone, Brent is so desperate for companionship in the hardest times of the pandemic that he turns to a mysterious service that guarantees it will find him the perfect partner via a special virtual reality helmet. The AI is flawless—the busty, lusty, programmed-to-adore servants awaiting inside find out his every erotic desire, using temptation and guile to encourage the reticent Brent to open up. Brent thinks it’s all an elaborate game. But then, he’s visited by a girl with no memory, accompanied by instructions on how to turn her into his perfect-bodied, busty, arrogant, loving, fertile girlfriend (complete with overflowing cups just in case he gets thirsty!). Is he strong enough to resist such a temptation, or will he be corrupted by the program’s dark desires to rut forever and spill his virile hot seed wherever he wants?

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