Wishful Thinking – Cheerleader Harem

The woman of his dreams begs him to wish to become an evil world dictator because it will make her wet. How could it go wrong?


“Don’t you deserve even more? You’re so strong. More women. More power…”
With a wishing stone at his disposal, James has managed to turn his biggest celebrity obsession—gorgeous cheerleader Sasha Wilhelm—into his own obsessive, loving, aching, fertile partner for all eternity. She’s obedient and adoring, but she’s not brainless. In fact, she won’t stop urging James to wish for more. He’s already got the body of a god, but she needs everyone to recognize his strength. She wants him to have more money. She wants him to have more power. She wants him to have more women serving his every tiniest whim, and she wants all of them to be beautiful, virginal, and fertile. She won’t be satisfied until the entire world worships James the same way she does.
The kinds of wishes she wants him to make rewrite reality; they rewrite history. They’re tampering with wildly powerful, cosmic forces. But James is so obsessed with Sasha that he doesn’t know if he can tell her no, especially when all he has to say to make her wishes come true is, “I wish that too.”
WARNING: The hero’s morality doesn’t stand up to a stiff breeze (or a stiff something else…). Temptations are offered and indulged in, and bad, evil things happen to bystanders so that our hero can live out his most erotic fantasies and breed with a cheerleader harem of his own design.

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