Wishful Thinking – Galactic Harem

The wishing stone’s origins are revealed, and his harem goes galactic.


“I know You wished for everything You could ever want, Sir. But…don’t You deserve even more?”

Look, it’s really simple. A little while ago, James wished ultra-hottie Sasha to be the girl of his dreams, and for himself to be the man of her dreams. Isn’t it romantic? Except, the fertile and devious Sasha has an unrestrained lust for her ideal man to be the most powerful being in the world…and beyond. Not just hung and ripped, but massively wealthy and with an enormous power disparity between himself and everyone else.
A thousand wishes later, and James has reformatted reality to make life miserable for everyone except for his chosen harem and himself. They live in endless erotic luxury; the rest of the world is in mud-pit squalor. And this would have been fine…except for the mega-gorgeous aliens who need his seed to survive.
This is a normal, NORMAL story about a galactic civilization of incredibly hot women trying to retrieve their one-of-a-kind wishing stone before the alpha male they gave it to is seduced by his ultra-hot succubus wife into turning the entire universe into what amounts to an assembly line for his galactic breeding harem. It’s a tale as old as time.
WARNING: The hero’s morality doesn’t stand up to a stiff breeze (or a stiff something else…). Temptations are offered and indulged in, and bad, evil things happen to bystanders so that our hero can live out his most erotic fantasies and breed with a galactic harem of his own design.

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