Wishful Thinking – Taboo Harem

The wishing stone grants him incredible power. He’s got to be responsible…or just immediately use it to fulfill all his wildest erotic dreams.


“I can wish for anything…anyone. Even her.”

Everyday guy James doesn’t know if he can use the wishing stone he’s suddenly been gifted. The possibilities are endless: endless wealth, eternal life, making some hot babe into his lovestruck fertile concubine. But, the consequences are terrible—taking away someone’s soul or years of their life proportional to the magnitude of what’s wished for.
Still pondering the moral implications, he just happens to come face to face with the object of his biggest celebrity obsession. Can he restrain his desires when he has the chance to bed and breed the woman of his dreams, or will he be unable to stop himself from transforming her into an eternally faithful femme fatale goddess who aches to make him a harem that includes an amazingly fit hottie she raised?
You can probably guess.
WARNING: The hero’s morality doesn’t stand up to a stiff breeze (or a stiff something else…). Temptations are offered and indulged in, and bad things happen to bystanders so that our hero can live out his most erotic fantasies and breed with a taboo harem of his own design.

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