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“Lust Fever 3” out today!

Out today for all of you wonderful folks is my NEWEST tale, “Lust Fever 3.

This hot number takes place after the events of “Lust Fever 2,” and follows yet another different group of folks as Lust Fever takes hold across the nation. This time, it’s a close-knit group of barely legal college beauties, hoping to enjoy a fun spring break with parties and bikinis. In case you haven’t read “Lust Fever” or its sequel, then you should know that the effects of Lust Fever are immediate and incurable.

People become immensely turned on and obsessed with breeding. They spread their desires with anyone they come into contact with. Their bodies change to allow them to have sex more often and to breed as quickly as possible. In short, it’s a hot sex virus unlike any the world has ever seen, until now.

Fans of any story with hot impregnation/breeding/creampie fetishes will love this one, as will loves of bisexual pleasures, lesbian licking, multiples, huge manly members, studly alpha gods, fertile teen beauties, and much much more! 

So! If you’re in the mood for a sparkling hot spring break sex-laden story, check out “Lust Fever 3” today!


Here’s the official blurb:

“I want to make it happen on my first time, Sir.”

A trip to a party island for Spring Break turns hot for Annie and her friends when one of their number is infected with Lust Fever. Annie has never had sex in her life. She certainly hasn’t had sex with another woman—and certainly not with multiple men and women at the same time. But Lust Fever doesn’t care about inhibitions or restrictions. It doesn’t want to use protection. It doesn’t mind if hot-bodied co-eds rut for hours and hours. All Lust Fever wants is to reproduce…even if it uses people to do it.
Soon, the entire island is taken over by the delicious affliction. Men become primal, horse-hung, virile studs made to mate for days. Women are aroused, needy, aching, fertile sexpots, desperate to be owned by the strong, hunky men that the virus turns out. If Annie wants to keep her innocence intact, she’ll have to be crafty indeed…but that’s only if she doesn’t catch Lust Fever.
Because Lust Fever destroys the innocence of even the most uneducated young women…and there’s no cure.



She walked down the hall, her clothes absolutely soaked in sweat. Her skin had taken a warm, healthy sheen. Her white shirt was plastered to her tits, and she had to keep tugging her skirt up so it didn’t reveal the hot wet globes of her ass.

Outside, everyone was having sex. Thousands of young, hot teenagers had swarmed upon the island in recent hours, caught by the same Spring Break fever as the four friends in the Range Rover.

Now, it had turned into what might have been the largest orgy in the history of the world. Women were on all fours, begging to be bred by any passing stud. Men with cocks as long and thick as beer bottles strutted around, slapping the asses of the women they wanted.

From a window, she could see the beach. It was like a throb of humanity, all of them on their backs and bellies. Cum covered the sand with such thickness that it glinted in the spotlights. In the distance, a helicopter wavered drunkenly, flying entirely too low next to the powerlines. No doubt the pilot was getting sky-head from some lucky tart.

In front of the hotel, women were bent over the low-rising walls in a row, asses naked to the air. There were at least fifteen of them. Three men had claimed all fifteen. Bruises covered the men’s faces and bodies where they fought off intruders—claimants to their throne. The twitching bodies of the fallen tried to crawl away to safety.

Soon, Annie realized, those three would turn on each other, and then one supreme stud would have all fifteen hyper-fertile beauties to himself…

Lust Fever 3