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New hot story–“Lust Fever”

Out today for all of you is my NEWEST tale–“Lust Fever.

It’s a silly, fun little twist on your standard “science experiment gone wrong” story, only this time the experiment focuses on a drug that makes people uncontrollably horny–and makes men produce incredible volumes of cum.

If you like “bottle” stories where two people are trapped together and have to figure out what to do, this will be right up your alley. It’s also good if you enjoy mind control (their minds are rather altered by the fever), submissive babes, alpha studs, fertile fucking with no protection, corruption of values, slow-burn submission, and really any sort of hot erotic action!

In the meantime, please keep in mind that Amazon is actively draining the profits of small indie authors right now, and we could use your help.

So, if you’re in the mood for a hot science experiment erotica gone hot as hell, look no further than “Lust Fever!”


Here’s the official blurb:

They thought they could resist it. They were wrong.

Rebecca and Frank couldn’t be more opposite. He’s a randy, womanizing alpha-male handyman; she’s a stodgy-but-lovely corporate lawyer with no time for sex. But when they volunteer for a special experiment, locked in a room together for hours, all their differences stop mattering.
They don’t know it, but they’ve been injected with a special virus. It floods through their bodies and lights their brains—and their loins—on fire. Rebecca’s first-world desires slowly dissolve to nothing more than a need for a hot, virile male to fill her fertile body. And Frank’s womanizing, use-them-and-lose-them manner transforms into fierce feelings of protection for the luscious woman he’s made his mate. Their bodies overload on nonstop erotic pleasures, and they can’t help but want more. They have no protection, and they don’t care.
What they’re feeling is primal. Unstoppable. Heated and crafted from the elements of pure bliss.
It’s Lust Fever…and there’s no cure.


“You were jerking off? This whole time?”


“Were you…were you doing it to me?”

There was a strange tint of hope to her voice. Even she was surprised she said it so openly.

“I didn’t think—” he coughed. “I thought you’d be mad if I looked at you while I did it.”


He seemed to sense her disappointment. “I was thinking about you, though. Yeah, I was. Thinking about your legs. I didn’t know I liked legs so much. But you got ‘em. Damn.”

“I see.” She struggled, trying to find her resolve. Her legs were sweaty and long. Wet. Shiny. Why was her sweat so shiny? It was like it was trying to show off her body. “Well. You’re…um, a pig. Then. Yes. A pig.”

Even she thought her words were hollow. She left them behind her in the corner, standing up and rapidly approaching the mess he’d made against the wall and floor. There was nothing to clean it with that she could see. The smell was intoxicating.

“It’s…god. There’s so much of it.”

“I know.”

“No, but I mean, look at it.” She shook her head, kneeling down. “There’s…god. There’s so much of it.”

“You said that.”

“But it’s like a centimeter thick. And it’s just…it’s like thick. Like dense. It’s just sitting there. Standing up. God.”

Her mouth hung open as she breathed between words. Her eyes were wide, her lips wet. Almost glossy.

She seemed pained—and strangely, Frank took pity on her.

“Here,” he said, stripping off his shirt.

In a moment he had cleaned up the entire puddle. It stuck easily to his shirt, completely clingy. It was hard not to think of how his cum could stick so easily to her insides. It would slide up right into her canal, easily going all the way. Filling her fertile womb with a perfect concoction of potency and warmth. Look at how it stuck, how it weighed his shirt down! She would be pregnant in minutes. On the first try, without a doubt.

Pregnant on the first time inside me…

Lust Fever