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New erotic mind control tale, “Revenge On His Unfaithful Wife” out NOW!

Hello hello all! Out today for all of you lovely folks is my NEWEST story, “Revenge on His Unfaithful Wife.” This is the FINAL entry in the “Revenge by Trance” series, which also features “Revenge On His Hot Assistants” and “Revenge On His Snobby Step.

This last entry has a real battle of wills between Melinda and Warren as they vie for supremacy in their marriage and dominance over the power of the watch. Warren feels the watch is his by right, being the one who unlocked its power, but Melinda–a lifelong temptress–is awfully difficult to resist…

This hot little number features plenty of mind control action, erotic hypnosis sessions, intense group sex, cock worship, alpha male dominance, submissive giggly fertile babes, creampie surprises, bareback/impregnation/breeding intimacies, and much MUCH more!

SO! If you’re in the mood for some hot male domination of uber-hot female servants, or just hot mind control erotica in general, make sure to check out “Revenge On His Unfaithful Wife” today!



“If he used the watch, she wouldn’t care that he had no protection…”

Aspiring stage magician Warren always wanted a baby. His gorgeous wife, Melinda, never did—a vain creature, she thought it would ruin her preciously lovely figure. Then, Warren found a magic watch; its power completely controlled the minds of the hot women in Warren’s life. They lived to serve his will, squirmed with wet bliss at his every command, and begged for more when he knocked up their fertile bodies. Even the hot Joan, who Warren has known his whole life, wasn’t able to resist. But then, for her own gold-digging purposes, the crafty Melinda stole the watch.

Warren needs the watch. His life’s work is an upcoming show—a show that he was going to make a rousing success through the power of the watch. With his dream on the line, he knows he must retrieve the watch conquer his wife’s will. Even with other servants adoring his masculine member, Warren won’t be able to rest until Melinda is a docileservile, and eagerly fertile pet. Her influence on him has always been insidious, but if he gets the watch back, she’ll have to do everything he says…including giving him the heir he’s always wanted.



“What does it do?” asked Catherine. “The watch.”

He saw no reason to lie to her. If she knew, she knew.

“It hypnotizes women. It hypnotized you.”

“Is that why I feel so…so submissive? Is it that powerful?”

“I think it is. But I don’t think that’s why you feel that way. I undid most of the damage I did. I went really, really far with you. Too far.”

“How far is too far?”

“You turned your back on your God and proclaimed me as him instead.”

Her eyebrows rose, one hand coming to her mouth. “Oh my. Yes. That is rather far, isn’t it?”

The assistants slowly rose upward, as if one being. Tasia, Belle, and Katie all crawled up to their knees at once, pushing Catherine aside only slightly, so that they could crawl around their Master’s lounging body.

“We missed you, Sire,” cooed Tasia.

“So much.” Belle and Katie—perhaps due to being indoctrinated at the same time—had started the habit of speaking at the same time as well. “We followed your orders exactly.”

“Yes, Sire,” said Tasia. “We made each other cum I think eight times. And the new initiate came four. Didn’t you, initiate?”

Catherine nodded, clearly feeling subservient to Tasia.

From the body language of Catherine—the slight tilt of her head, the lowering of her eyes—her subservience appeared to come more easily to Tasia than it did to Warren. He wondered why that might be. Perhaps it was because Tasia had no doubt about her place. And Warren, for all that he knew about how much he deserved to have these women worshiping him, was still rather new at it. Tasia thought that she had been born perfect at service—had been wrangling her Master’s slaves and doting affection on him for her entire life.

Without any prompt at all, Tasia pushed the other girls away, claiming first privilege on his cock. The other two whined and pouted, but only because it turned Warren on. They were perfectly happy, he knew, to watch Tasia suck him off. Her dark body looked so right in the service to his body.

Blissfully, perfectly obedient. They would never move against him. No matter what…

Tranced: His Unfaithful Wife