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NEW story out today! “Gang Up: The Big Gang Theory”

Hello hello hello all you wonderful readers out there! Out today JUST for you is my newest story, and the LAST entry in the “Bikerland” series—”Gang Up: The Big Gang Theory.”

This one is the sequel, naturally, to the first entries in the series—”Gang Up: Overload” and “Gang Up: Lust War.” It’s a fun little romp through a biker gang-filled post-apocalyptic town with lots and lots of rough, hardcore loving, group sex, gang bangs (of course), submissive babes, alpha studs, grease, fire, gunpowder, steel, violence, and more hot lust than you can shake a stick at! I’ve seen some fans (hopefully lovingly) refer to it as a mix between Sons of Anarchy and Mad Max, except with lots and lots (and lots!) of sex. So, if you’re a fan of ANY of those, then pick it up! Who isn’t a fan of great sex?

This one’s story is the end, which means all the plot points are neatly tied up—will Case and Abigail be together, or is Abigail just a little too crazy? Will Robin’s personal sexual epiphany continue, or is the tide in Temple too strong? Will Brall set his ego aside and still be with Robin? You’ve got to read to find out!

SO! If you’re in the mood for a hot biker gang bang romp this fine day, make sure to check out “Gang Up: The Big Gang Theory” today!


The gang war isn’t the only thing in this town with no limits.

The busty, lovely Abigail will stop at nothing to be the side of studly biker gang boss Case, not caring if their relative love is completely taboo. And just the same, the huge, hung, and dangerous warlord Brall is addicted to his feelings for the beautiful young Robin, who reciprocates all of his lusty, fevered emotion. All the mad, fertile lust in the air is tearing the town of Temple apart in a vicious gang war, and Case seems to be the only one with a level head. But, when a startling secret is revealed about who’s really behind all the chaos in Temple, the violence in the small post-apocalyptic settlement reaches a boiling point. 

In the lust-driven madness of a town like Temple, there’s only one way to settle a dispute this big permanently. The town is too full of alpha studs and servile beauties to be anything but flooded with wet, hot sex. Robin and Abigail hold the key to ending the war—unbridled, unstoppable, and unprotected rutting. Both seductive, fertile vixens will have to be taken by a huge group of strong, virile men from each gang…all at the same time.


He shook his head. “I heard what happened. I did. I had hoped it was lies.”

“It was not. They all fucked me. And I enjoyed it.” She thrust her chin out. So lovely. “If that scares you, you should tell me now. I will not be ashamed of it.”

There were many types of men in the world. Most, at this point, would want some kind of apology. They would want an apology from Robin even though none of it had been her fault or her doing.

Brall perhaps even thought he was one of those men, wanting one of those false apologies. But she wouldn’t give it to him. He could see that plainly.

“If you can’t fuck me,” she dared him, “if you can’t own me even after all those men fucked me, then you’re not the man I thought you were.”

A challenge, thrown right out there. The gauntlet across his face.

“You think I cannot fuck you?” His voice was playful but dangerous.

She pushed her body up further. “I have seen no evidence to the contrary. You think you’re special because you fucked my mouth? Six other men could make the same boast. What have you done to stand out?”

Now he was angry. But lustful too, yes, and all his rage directed into one simple, beautiful act—fucking this lioness, this woman he loved.

Growling now, he spread her legs and lifted her body to his. His mouth slipped onto hers, first just with lips and then meeting with tongues. His heart skipped as her long, beautiful legs wrapped around his waist. The lovely hips sliding on top of his manhood underneath his pants.

“Give it to me, Brall,” she moaned. “Give it to me, Sir. If you can.”

If you can. Another challenge, still.

With all her weight on his body, he pushed her up against the wall of the cave. As massive as he was, she was light to him. Almost weightless. He could do anything with her—and yet it felt in a way still like she directed him. As she held onto his body, he ripped his pants down. Her own ragged panties ripped away easily, and suddenly his thick manhood was hard and against her thighs. Precum drizzled down, splattering onto the cave wall.

“You want my cock in you, Robin? You want to be my property? My girl?”…

Gang Up: A Bikerland Novel