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The “Revenge” continues in this hot new mind control story!

Hello hello hi everyone! Out today just for YOU is my newest story, “Revenge on His Snobby Step.

This one is the sequel to “Revenge on His Hot Assistants,” and continues the saga of Warren as he tries to sort out the best way to use a magical watch that can totally enslave any woman he comes across. Naturally, his next target is his absolutely drop-dead gorgeous stepsister, Joan, who’s never bothered to give Warren the time of day in the past.

The only problem is that Melinda, Warren’s beautiful estranged wife, seems to have figured out what Warren is up to, and her power-hungry personality isn’t going to sit idly by and let someone ELSE use a powerful item like the watch when she’s around…

This story features hot mind control, sexy hypnotic inductions, beautiful bareback/impregnation, fun group sex, rough loving, and much MUCH more!

SO! If you’re in the mood for a hot little mind control diddy that features some hot bareback and forbidden sex, check out “Revenge on His Snobby Step” today!



You should have owned my whole life, Sir.

It was all going so well for Warren. With the magic watch in his possession, he completely entranced his lovely assistants and turned them into utterly servile, eagerly obedient sexual creatures absolutely devoted to his will. And now he needs to do the same thing to Joan, the brilliantly beautiful lesbian feminist he’s known his entire life. She’s always despised Warren despite how much he loves her—and she and her buxom, blond lover Edith would never, ever let a man inside their clearly fertile bodies. They don’t know, though, how the magic watch has a way of changing a person’s mind! But, just as his conquest of Joan is nearly complete, a crafty soul steals the watch from Warren.
Before Warren can get the watch back, he has to ensure that Joan knows her proper place—on her knees before him. Warren must find out if the small trance he layered in Joan’s mind is enough to convince her that this man she used to hate is actually someone she adores. Not only that, but he wants to make sure she never leaves him again—by leaving an heir in her belly, tying their fates together forever!


Faucets in the master bath suddenly turned off. Edith walked out from the master bedroom, wiping her luscious mouth dry. Her face lit up with a smile.

“Hi, baby!”

Edith had a penchant for flirty, tiny skirts and colorful tights. Today was no different—a taupe skirt over blue tights. She wore heels around the home—she loved heels, after several fights with her father as a teenager when he wouldn’t allow her to wear anything more liberal than a straitjacket—and her pair today had tiny sparkling buckles. The light blouse she wore was open several buttons down, and she toyed with the buttons absently, perhaps considering whether it was truly worth it to put it all back together.

“Hello, love.” Joan’s tone was serious. Edith looked sort of stoned. “I see his car. Where is he?”


She gave Edith a look. “Warren, of course. Is he in the garage or something? I think I have some comic books of his there. Did he finally figure out where they went?”

“Is that where those books went?”

Warren’s voice followed Edith out from the bedroom. He emerged, zipping up his pants. Edith turned to him, knees quaking. She looked for a moment like she might resist whatever strange compulsion was ruling her instincts, and then fell to the floor anyway, her fingers floating to her blouse and pulling it down. Soon, she had exposed her heavy, bra-less tits entirely. Warren stopped in front of her, frowning slightly, and took her chin in his hand.

“Now, Edith,” he shook his head. “What did I say?”

“I-I’m sorry,” she moaned. “I know you said to wait, but you’re so fucking handsome and I couldn’t wait, I couldn’t, I needed to kneel. I needed to kneel for you, I’m sorry.”

What the fuck was going on?

She had dated Edith for years and years now. They had been inseparable, practically joined at the bone, since Joan had matured as a woman. There was absolutely nothing Joan didn’t love about Edith. The flowing turn of her hair. The lovely little curve of her nose. That slight gap in her right teeth. Her pert tits, so small and easy and lovely for sucking. There was nothing—nothing—that Joan would have changed about Edith if she had been given half the chance.

And now…this. Edith. Love of her life. On her knees in front of the one man Joan held up as a totem of hatred in her life…

Tranced: His Snobby Household