Trophy Wife Initiative – Good Girl

She doesn’t want to be a Trophy Wife, but every day she’s home with her father’s new beauty, her mind melts more…


“It’s getting so hard to think…all I want is to be your good girl.”

Something strange and erotic is happening to Emilia. She’s a stunning young heiress with a fantastically beautiful, fertile body; she works hard on her studies, but her body announces to everyone that she’s a man-craving bimbo babe. And despite her big plans of extorting money from Gregory—the man who raised her—she just seems to be getting more and more brainless. She’s turned on all the time, constantly edging more braincells away. She’s losing long, long stretches of time. And to make it all worse, she’s falling deeply in lusty love with Helena, Gregory’s new Trophy Wife, and her sense of erotic obedience grows with every hour. Trophy Wives are gorgeous, seductive, fertile, and obedient to their Husband’s every wish, and it seems more and more like Gregory’s wish is to corrupt Emilia entirely. Somehow, she’s got to get away from her home—but being a Trophy Wife with Helena sounds soooo good…

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