Trophy Wife Initiative -The Bundle

Trophy Wives are gorgeous, pliant, seductive, earnest, and fertile…and every man is assigned at least one.


“Just one wife? For a man like you? But you deserve so many…”

When the new Party took power, as promised, it assigned each home a new Trophy Wife, canceling old marriages to encourage breeding.

These Trophy Wives are gorgeous. They’re obedient. They’re seductive, sensuous, and sensational. They love the Party, and they want their man to love it too. To foster this love, they’re totally obsessed with giving their new husbands all the pleasure they deserve. Bad, frigid wives are put in their place, heiresses learn to respect the man of the house, and homewreckers learn the consequence of their actions in these hot tales.

WARNING: These hot tales feature gorgeous women celebrating their role as caretakers of the home by lavishing their husbands with erotic attention, including demeaning his old, inferior wife and gathering up new beautiful women for him to mate with, never once using any protection!

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