Trophy Wife Initiative – Homewrecker

She’s managed to keep her mind by acting like a trophy wife, but her hubris will catch up eventually…


“But, I’m the one who took you away from HER!”

Sexy homewrecking stripper Crystal was hot and smart enough to bag her man when the new Party took over, and happily encouraged her man to send his drab old wife Priscilla to the curb. Now, it’s three years later, and she’s stayed fit and hot and fertile, just like a good girl…but she’s managed to keep her brain and personality. Now, for a special birthday present, she’s got the ultimate gift—her hubby’s ex-wife, transformed and turned into a forever young, fertile, beautiful Trophy Wife herself!

Only…it’s not going as planned. For some reason, Crystal keeps getting dumber and more aroused. And Priscilla keeps bossing her around. And now her husband has MORE Trophy Wives serving him, like a whole harem of them! Wasn’t there just supposed to be Crystal? How did she lose control? Does she even want it back?

WARNING: This sexy story features a gorgeous woman celebrating her role as the caretaker of her home by lavishing her husband with erotic attention, including demeaning his old, inferior wife and gathering up new beautiful women for him to mate with, never once using any protection!

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