Trophy Wife Initiative – New Model

He wants to be loyal to his old wife, but the state issued him a new one, and she’s gorgeous, seductive, earnest, and fertile…


“You don’t want that old, stinky hag. You want me, Sir. A hot, young, eager wife…”

Frederick wants to be a loving, compassionate husband for his wife Joan even though she’s never been able to bear his heirs. But, the new Party took power and assigned each home a new Trophy Wife, canceling Frederick’s old marriage to encourage him to breed.

These Trophy Wives are gorgeous. They’re obedient. They’re seductive, sensuous, and sensational. They love the Party, and they want their man to love it too. To foster this love, they’re totally obsessed with giving their new husbands all the pleasure they deserve. If Frederick can hold off from rutting with his new wife Ingrid for a few days, he can have the unwanted marriage rescinded. But Ingrid is a Trophy Wife par excellence, and Frederick has been SO sexually frustrated with Joan…

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